ftrack Review for Sale in Canada


Introducing ftrack Review, a streamlined version of ftrack that focuses on review and approvals. This entry level version of ftrack gives video producers and content creators a platform to collaborate on projects with annotations and notes, and has the ability to scale up into ftrack Studio – with full production tracking and API support – for end-to-end project management.


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ftrack is a unique cloud-based platform that’s simple and accessible for users at every stage in the creative process. It lets users set up projects, allocate tasks, track their work in progress, review videos, make notes together and much more – all in a simple, collaborative workspace.

Current customers include The Mill, Cinesite, MPC, Zero VFX, with many more coming soon! Annex Pro is proud to be the exclusive agent for ftrack in Canada.


Track your Progress
Production tracking is at the heart of every production and ftrack gives you great tools for producers, supervisors and artists.

ftrack Review for Sale Canada

Version management
Upload and organise your files into your project hierarchy. Publish files directly from supported applications or use CONNECT to drag and drop files into ftrack.

ftrack Review for Sale Canada
Involve your clients
Allowing clients access to an ongoing project is easy with CLIENT REVIEW. Anyone with a secure link can simply log in and leave their comments and feedback on a project.

Connects with your favorite apps
ftrack is a great bridge to your production pipeline. Out of the box, ftrack integrates with popular applications like NUKE, NUKE STUDIO (coming soon), HIERO, HIEROPLAYER, RV, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk Maya, Deadline and cineSync to name a few.

Easy but powerful time tracking
Go beyond end-of-week logging with the new time tracking tools. Start and stop timers give far more accuracy, measuring time spent on tasks or in meetings at the click of a button.

Dashboards, views & charts
You can build custom spreadsheets and dashboards for your managers, producers, supervisors, artists or your whole company. ftrack comes with an extensive widget library for charts, spreadsheets, lists and version viewers to name a few.

ftrack Review for Sale Canada
Teams & groups
A straightforward, powerful and effective way to manage teams in ftrack. You can assign groups, teams and even individuals to specific shots or elements of a project, allowing much more direct, clear communication.

Events & actions
If you need a way to enhance and customise ftrack for your workflow, events and actions allow your developers to make quick additions to utilities and functionality, all without taking people out of the UI.

With full support for tracking your data across multiple locations and computers, ftrack takes the hassle out of collaborative working, letting your teams focus on producing great content wherever they are.

Does it come in black?
The ftrack UI comes pre-loaded with themes for the UI – light and dark – so you can pick the environment that feels most comfortable for you.

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