Why Avid Edit On Demand is One of the Best Cloud-Based Video Editing Software Solutions for Classrooms and Post Production Studios in Canada

Avid Edit On Demand puts editors and project teams in the driving seat as they leverage industry-leading capabilities with intuitive yet robust tools and workflows. This is bolstered by the levels of security that enterprise video editing teams and educators need if they are to fulfil the unique requirements of each project and learning module. Read on to discover more about what makes Avid Edit On Demand the right choice for your classroom video editing labs or post production studio.

Mobile and Remote Workflows

Avid Edit On Demand transposes powerful tools and workflows from desktop platforms to the cloud, where they can be easily accessed and utilized. The cloud is a highly flexible environment, and Avid Edit On Demand is geared towards optimizing its potential. Remote users simply need a device with internet access to leverage these workflows, connecting them with the cloud-based Media Composer Ultimate and Avid NEXIS workspace, enabling complete editing capability from any location.

Easy Collaboration Across Distributed Teams

When connected to the cloud-based workspace, distributed teams can collaborate in real-time to achieve rapid turnaround on projects. Communication tools and collaborative workflows ensure maximum efficiency, eliminating the costs that can arise through lack of communication and operational uncertainty. This capability is also vital in education and training, supporting remote learning with a fully equipped remote editing environment.


Ultra Fast without Compromising on Security

Edited or raw material can be uploaded to and downloaded from the cloud via ultra-fast connections, contributing to a seamless and swift experience for editors. This is achieved without compromising on security, thanks to full asset and file encryption and FileCatalyst protection. Project teams can rely on the robust security features that protect both stored data and data in transit, while project managers retain full control over access to stored data and cloud-based tools.


Exceptional Levels of Storage

Editing teams leverage exceptional levels of storage space when they utilize the cloud-based Avid Edit On Demand Solution — up to 200 TB’s worth in the Avid NEXIS cloud. The solution also supports the deployment of 30 Media Composer seats simultaneously, getting more from this storage capability with vast collaborative projects. Up to 60 Media Composer seats can be provided to named users — limited to 30 active users at any one time — and these users’ profiles are managed with ease via the Avid On Demand portal.

Swift Onboarding of New Users

The Avid On Demand solution is built with a swift and intuitive process of onboarding in mind. Users who already have experience working with Media Composer will find the same tools and workflows available to them, achieving a seamless transition to a cloud-based environment. Meanwhile, students and trainees can be supported with remote communication and collaboration tools that provide a positive learning curve. Project teams can add Media Composer seats by managing their subscription through the Avid portal, onboarding and offboarding users as required to ensure that teams are operating at full strength on every task.


Why Choose Annex Pro to Get More from Avid Edit on Demand

Annex Pro is an authorized reseller of Avid Edit on Demand in Canada, helping you and your team to access the potential of this innovative, cloud-based editing solution. Not only that, but we are well versed in leveraging the very best from Avid’s cloud-based tools and workflows, making us your perfect partner as you hit the ground running and achieve great things with the solution. Purchase your Avid Edit On Demand subscription from Annex Pro today, or reach out to the Annex Pro team in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or anywhere in Canada to access expert support for the solution.

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