What is Avid Pro Tools Sync X and What Does It Mean for You?

What is Avid Pro Tools Sync X

By Bryon Low, Senior Account Manager, Annex Pro

The first Pro Tools synchronizer was released by Digidesign in the Sync I/O in 2007. Later, it updated to the Sync HD which supported SD and HD video reference input (tri-level sync) at up to 1080p/60fps. This was more than suitable for chasing video decks and following SSL console automaton.

This next generation Pro Tools system synchronizer, Sync X, is the latest of synchronization products from Avid that address the current need for master word clock and video reference function with a temperature compensated oscillator that is drift free even as temperatures fluctuate. Providing exceptionally low jitter with high-fidelity capture and playback.

What does the launch of Pro Tools | Sync X mean for you?

With Pro Tools | Sync X, you are now able to easily sync the entire studio with six-word clock outputs, loop sync, video reference and LTC. Use Sync X with Satellite Link to control multiple Pro Tools systems from a single interface. This is now the centrepiece of a complete Pro Tools Ultimate and Dolby Atmos workflow or music studio integrating digital consoles and effects units

In commercial facilities and audio post workflows, systems can be complex and are expected to function in a high-pressure environment where time is money. This is where the precision and reliability of Sync X comes into play. Ensuring tight synchronization between audio and video, this latest synchronizer is a must have in every room of your facility that requires audio sync to picture.
What are the differences between Sync X and its predecessor Sync HD? Well, it does everything the Sync HD does, only more. To find out how the Sync X raises the bar download the Pro Tools Sync X vs SYNC HD Comparison Sheet below:
What is Avid Pro Tools Sync X

Pro Tools | Sync X Key Features:

  • Maintain accurate and precise sync across all your Pro Tools systems, audio interfaces, and video playback devices, with near sample-accurate lock and precision frame edge alignment
  • Connect with a wide range of devices with support for all industry-standard clock sources, pull up/down rates, timecode rates, and HD/SD formats.
  • Save time and money with the onboard video reference generator, eliminating the need for an external device. If you already have an external video reference generator, Sync X can receive video reference too, with automatic format detection.
  • Lock to external sources faster and more accurately than SYNC HD with incredibly low-jitter JetPLL clocking.
  • Sync multiple Pro Tools systems in tandem to support dual operator workflows.
  • Gain flexibility with Word Clock, LTC, 10 MHz, AES3, AES3id, Loop Sync, GPIO, Bi-Phase / Tach, Pilot, 9-pin, and MIDI I/O.
  • Receive highly reliable and accurate master clocking and sync for mission critical environments.
  • Temperature fluctuations can sometimes affect a device’s musical pitch. With a temperature-compensated oscillator, Sync X always provides reliable clocking—even as temperatures vary—maintaining frequency accuracy to within ±1 part per million over its rated temperature range to keep things pitch perfect.

Unsure if the new Pro Tools | Sync X is right for you? Speak to one of our industry experts today. Contact us here or email us at and we’ll be in touch.

About Bryon Low

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Bryon was a forerunner in recognizing the value that Dolby Atmos could bring and has become a resident expert in the technology. He understands the current and emerging trends and can be counted on to provide the highest level of consultation when it comes to addressing the needs of today’s studios.

Mar 25, 2021 | Audio Post & Music

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