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Latest News

  • New Sales Dynamo Ben Loveday joins Annex Pro in Canada 

    We are proud to announce that Ben Loveday has joined Annex Pro in the role of Inside Sales Representative for Western Canada.
  • How safe is your Avid storage environment from ransomware? Wasabi and Marquis can help.

    Despite growing public awareness, ransomware has continued to wreak havoc on businesses around the world, and media and entertainment companies are no exception.
  • We are excited to welcome Chanika Chadha, Marketing Coordinator!

    It's our pleasure to introduce you to Chanika Chadha, Annex Pro’s new Marketing Coordinator. Chanika is a welcome and somewhat unique addition to the Annex Pro team.
  • You’re invited to the next Dolby Atmos Music Community Session!

    RSVP now for the next Dolby Atmos Music Community Session live stream this Wednesday, June 22 at 9AM PST. Hear from Mike Monseur and Webster Tileston of Axis Audio, as well as Ben Givarz of Dolby, about how Axis Audio is using Dolby Atmos Music to produce immersive mixes...
  • Live Stream Video Recording: How to Boost Productivity with Autodesk ShotGrid

    This live stream hosted by Annex Pro from May 10, 2022 demonstrates how Autodesk ShotGrid can optimize your workflow and increase your team’s productivity.
  • Dive Into the Dolby Atmos

    As Dolby Atmos for music production becomes more popular, many recording professionals ask Annex Pro how to get training to help them transition from stereo to Dolby Atmos, as well where to get training, and what the technical requirements are for upgrading to Dolby Atmos.
  • You’re Invited to this Live Stream: “How to Boost Productivity with ShotGrid”

    Join us for a live stream event on May 10th to discover how you can automate processes and eliminate repetitive tasks to free up your teams for more creative tasks.
  • Arcana Studio, From Ink to Pixels

    Arcana Studio
    Find out how Arcana Studio faced many challenges moving from comic books to animated with the help of Autodesk's Solutions and the experts at Annex Pro.
  • Discover 3 New Avid Pro Tools Options You've Been Waiting For

    Pro Tools software is now available in three new options—Pro Tools Artist, Pro Tools Studio, and Pro Tools Flex.
  • ShotGrid Helps Distillery VFX Startup Remain Focused on Quality During the Pandemic

    Distillery VFX
    Distillery VFX optimized their remote workflow with Autodesk's Solution and help from the experts at Annex Pro.