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"Renewing my license has never been so easy!"

Dany Vachon, Technicien en travaux pratiques/Practical Work Technician

"Annex Pro are our biggest advocates and always go out of their way to make things right for us."

Shane Rees, Head of Sound Design for Visual Media

"Willingness to go above and beyond exceeded our expectations"

Ashif Jivraj, Associate Dean (interim)

“Always there to listen and make the best recommendations. You will feel like you are their ONLY client!”

Marcel Hamel, Technology Coordinator


"Fantastic team."

Sean O'Reilly, CEO


"Great event! Immensely useful and enjoyable."

Adam Dent, Technical Director


"Wrangles the whole solution."

Jon Mitchell Generalist Supervisor


"The best."

Roger Williams, President and CEO


"Integral...went out of their way"

Chelsea Shannon, Virtual Production Supervisor


"Amazing to work with."

Terry Dale, VP Infrastructure Operations


"Provided solutions before we even knew we needed them"

Joseph Murnaghan, System Administrator


"Couldn't do it without Annex Pro."

Aaron Strasbourg, CG Supervisor


"Will work with you to...solve a problem."

Troy Tyler, Chief Technology Officer


"Great event! Immensely useful and enjoyable."

Adam Dent,  Technical Director


"Deeply grateful."

Autodesk Software for Film and TV From Annex Pro

Keith Salmon, Award-winning Filmmaker


"Annex Pro has set the bar high for me as a reseller".

Tristan Theroux, System Administrator


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