Editshare Resellers in Canada


Optimized Video Production Workflow Solutions for:

  • VFX & Animation
  • News
  • Education
  • Creative agencies
  • Advertising & Branding
  • New Media/xR
  • Corporate
  • Sports
  • Video Post-production
  • Audio Post-production
  • Production
  • Broadcast
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Sales & support in French & English



  • Our EditShare Academy certified sales & technical experts have the advanced technical capabilities to design & deploy an enhanced workflow tailored to your exact requirements
  • Our experience in VFX, animation and game development (and video & audio post-production of course) means we are familiar with just about every application & workflow. Try us!
  • Simplify the migration to cloud with pre-configured & pre-tested NEW EFSv turnkey solutions virtualized in AWS, Tencent Cloud & other public & private cloud environments
  • Open environment partnerships fully support any NLE or creative application and the majority of hardware & open API integrations (Avid, Adobe, Apple FCPx, DaVinci Resolve, Teradici, Dolby, Blackmagic Design, AJA, Arista, AWS, HP, Aspera, Imagine, Glookast, Vizrt, Broadcast Pix, Moovit, ObjectMatrix, Western Digital & more)
  • We’ve been partners with EditShare (and fans!) since 2004 when Andy Leibman founded a very different kind of video storage company in Watertown, MA
  • Solutions like Ark (backup) & Flow (media management) round out a complete, open, scalable solution for any production workflow
  • We are pleased to design, sell, deploy and support EditShare across Canada in French & English
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Video Production in the Cloud with EditShare and Amazon Prime Video

Editshare Resellers Canada

Pittsburgh Penguins evolve winning workflow with EditShare

Editshare Resellers Canada

Wild Island brings reliability to the unpredictability of unscripted TV with EditShare

Editshare Resellers

Liverpool Screen School upgrades its infrastructure to take on the future

Editshare Resellers

Egg Future-Proofs Post Workflow with EditShare XStream EFS

Editshare XStream EFS

EditShare & Adobe HD

On-line & 4K proxy editing workflows, storage, asset management
Editshare and Adobe HD

EditShare in Education

Media Studies Lab
Editshare in Education

EditShare in Education

Deployment & Networking Recommendations
Editshare in Education

EditShare EFS

Increasing data demands & resource contention challenges in M+E workflows
Editshare EFS

EditShare EFS

Native Client network protocol in media intensive storage workflows
Editshare EFS

EditShare Best Practices

Transform Media Production Workflows with Asset Management Platform
Editshare Best Practices

What is Flow?
The new powerful media management platform from Editshare.

A Look at Airflow |

Airflow brings all the media sharing capabilities of the Flow to secure multi-team, multi-location productions. The simple and intuitive web-based interface lets collaborators located anywhere in the world search, log, organize and play media content – as well as upload and download content directly to and from Editshare central storage systems.

A Look at Flow Story |

Flow Story is designed for fast turnaround environments such as New Media, News and Sports, providing journalists and content creation teams the ability to quickly edit and package content for finishing, or delivery to social media channels.

Flow Automation |

Flow Automation adds an additional layer of intelligence to your Flow media management system. Automation can orchestrate workflows and remove human repetitive tasks like copying, moving, deleting, transcoding and organizing projects or media spaces. Simple or complex processes can be triggered at regular times of day or week or based on user actions. Automation also provides an on ramp to the cloud.

Flow Cloud |

Simplifying the migration to the cloud with pre-configured and pre-tested EFSv solutions. These turn-key configurations allow you to immediately adapt your workflows from traditional, on-premise environments to cloud-enabled remote workflows.
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