Apogee Opto-3A

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Vintage Compressor and Limiter


The Apogee Opto-3A is a vintage compressor and limiter plugin that is part of the Apogee FX Rack suite of plugins that runs natively in your favorite macOS DAW without any Apogee hardware but also has DualPath™ functionality that allows the plugins to run on Apogee Hardware DSP in Element Series and Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interfaces.


  • Optical Compressor/Limiter
  • Reproduces the reactive compression characteristics of modeled hardware
  • Extended Hf emphasis functionality
  • Sidechain HP filter
  • Dry/FX Mix
  • Includes FX and FX Rack versions
  • Run natively in your favorite DAW on macOS or Windows, no Apogee hardware required
  • Runs on Apogee hardware DSP in Element Series and Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interfaces and features DualPath Monitoring for near zero latency recording

Tech Specs

OS X MacOS 10.12.6 or higher
Memory4 GB
PluginsVST-2, AU, AAX

Windows Windows 10 and higher
Memory4 GB
PluginsVST-2, AAX