Black Friday Begins Early: Enjoy 20% OFF Chaos Annual Licenses

Chaos is set to revolutionize your digital design experience with a spectacular promotion!

Get a 20% discount on new annual commercial licenses of select Chaos products, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the M&E industry The offer is starting today, Monday, November 20th until Tuesday, November 28th. It’s a perfect chance for artists, animators, filmmakers, and visual effects creators to upgrade their toolkit with our advanced products. 

The promotion includes: 

  • V-Ray: Choose from Solo, Premium, and Enterprise editions. V-Ray is a cornerstone in the M&E industry for its photorealistic rendering capabilities, essential for visual effects and animation. 
  • Corona: Available in Solo and Premium editions, ideal for artists who need intuitive yet powerful rendering solutions. 
  • Vantage: This tool is perfect for real-time scene building and producing high-quality visuals, enhancing the workflow in film and animation production.
  • Enscape: Fixed and Floating 
  • Cloud: With the 100-credit pack, leverage the power of cloud rendering to scale your projects efficiently. 


So why wait? Contact Annex Pro, Canada’s specialized Media and entertainment solutions provider, today to take advantage of this incredible offer.   


Annex Pro enables storytellers to create and share their dreams with anyone, everywhere. We are Canada’s leading Media & Entertainment solutions provider, with thousands of enterprise, education and freelance customers using the media production solutions we supply to create (and teach) awe-inspiring animation, visual effects, video games, music, immersive experiences and digital media on all kinds of platforms. 

Annex Pro was recognized as number 59 among the Top 100 IT Solution Providers in Canada for 2023, also winning the “Remote Work and Collaborative Workspaces Wunderkind” award for Channel Innovation in Canada, presented by Channel Daily News. 

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