Shed Inc’s Success Story: Leveraging ShotGrid for Major Impact in Montreal

Montreal has a thriving VFX community but one company that stands out from the crowd is Shed Inc. The company specializes in producing 3D animation for commercials that rivals the quality of feature film animation. François Hogue, 3D Supervisor enjoys the challenges of creating high-end animation in a short period, “What I like working at Shed is that when a client comes to us, they usually just have a script and 12 weeks later we deliver a final product.” With more than 20 years of experience in creating high-end imagery, Shed’s work relies on collaboration, teamwork, and specialists. François adds, “Usually smaller studios have 3D generalists who will do one shot by themselves. But the productions we make at Shed, they’re quite challenging and everything needs to be handled by 3D specialists.

With a high-end approach to every job, Shed needs to work quickly and efficiently to meet the demands of TV advertisers. Knowing the status of every shot is key to staying on top of demanding deadlines. Shed relies on Autodesk Shotgrid to keep production on track. “Any piece of software that we use at Shed, they all talk to Shotgrid. Any time we need a piece of information about any shot, it’s all stored in Shotgrid” says Pipeline Technical Director, Simon Bissonnette.

Annex Pro and Autodesk’s support teams are constantly helping Shed integrate third-party data into ShotGrid. For Tristan Theroux, System Administrator, that makes his job easier, “Annex Pro has set the bar high for me as a reseller. If we have an issue Annex Pro will just say ‘Hey, we’ll take care of it”.

Autodesk’s powerful toolset and Annex Pro’s help with integration, licensing, and support allow the teams at Shed to focus on creativity rather than problem-solving.

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