What’s New With The Latest Version of Autodesk Maya

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The Academy Award-winning Maya® toolset is the media and entertainment industry’s top choice for bringing powerful and detailed scenes to life.

From 3ds Max to Shotgun, Autodesk produces a wide range of top quality tools designed for game development, from concept to launch. Discover how the new features on latest version of Maya can help you level up your game.

Autodesk Maya for Games
Blazing fast performance
Experience greatly improved speeds in both playback and manipulation of character rigs thanks to Parallel Rig Evaluation.
Maya for Game Development
Awesome 3D character creation toolset
Access a range of tools for character creation; 3D editorial; and keyframe, procedural, and scripted animation.
Autodesk Maya for Game Development
Deep pipeline integration
Maya is a highly customizable and extensible platform that offers multiple avenues for integration into the core of your game development pipeline.


Maya 2022: New Features for Animation

Animate faster and in fewer clicks. With continued focus on performance and efficiency, a new Ghosting Editor allows animators to quickly see animation spacing overtime, making it easier to pinpoint where edits need to be made and how their poses work together in animations. A number of improvements to the Time Editor, including support for cached playback, and new filters in the Graph Editor, simplify animation workflows and save artists time.

New to Maya:

  • Cached Playback Performance
  • New Ghosting Editor
  • Time Editor Improvements
  • Time Slider Bookmarks
  • New Graph Editor Additions

Maya 2022: New Features for Modelling

A number of additions to Maya’s modeling toolset enable artists to have more control over their models. The Sweep Mesh tool allows artiststo procedurally generate geometry and adjust attributes such as profile shape and size,with just one click. In collaboration with the Maya community, several user-requested updates have also been made to improve the overall modeling experience.

New to Maya:

  • New Sweep Mesh Feature
  • Create VR for Maya
  • Additional Modelling Improvements

Maya 2022: New USD Plugin

With Maya 2022, USD has been seamlessly integrated, allowing artists to not only load and edit massive data sets at lightning speed, but to also work directly with the data using Maya’s native tools. Additional benefits include robust referencing functionality, nondestructive data editing workflows, and support for complex variants.

New to Maya:

    • USD for Maya
    • Assembly and Layout Workflows

Maya 2022: New Features for Rigging

Maya 2022 introduces several procedural, topology-independent rigging workflows. Component Tags and Deformer Falloffs bring artists modern methods for defining membership and weighting, as well as seamlessly sharing that data between geometry and deformers. Building on Maya’s already extensive deformation toolset, the release also adds powerful new Solidify and Morph deformers.

New to Maya:

  • Component Tags
  • Falloffs
  • Deformers

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What is Bifrost for Maya?

What is Bifrost?
Bifrost is a visual programming plugin allowing 3D artists and technical directors to create complex effects quickly and easily within Maya.

What are the benefits of Bifrost?

  • Bifrost caters to artists at all levels of technical expertise
  • Create detailed, natural looking effects from scratch using the bifrost graph editor
  • A library of ready-to-use graphs to create effects like fire, smoke, explosions, sand, and snow right out-of-the-box
  • Realistic Previews – With Arnold integrated in Maya, see how effects will look after lighting and rendering, right in the Arnold Viewport

What does Bifrost cost?
As long as you have Maya 2018 or later, Bifrost is included in Maya at no extra cost.

As part of Autodesk’s M&E Collection, studios can now run Bifrost on up to 15 machines. This maximizes capabilities with everything to sketch, model, rig, animate, create effects, light, and render projects – in one M&E Collection subscription.

Take the Mystery Out of Bifrost

An overview of Bifrost and its procedural framework, showcase what is possible in the latest release, and learn where Bifrost can assist in speeding up the creative process overall.

Have a question about Bifrost for Maya? Get in touch with us.

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