Cloud object storage that’s purpose-built for M&E

Store more and do more with your digital assets than you ever thought possible.

Imagine being able to affordably store ALL of your content in the cloud, from raw footage to finished product– everything securely archived yet immediately accessible at a moment’s notice. Wasabi makes that dream a reality. Our breakthrough hot cloud storage technology enables us to offer one simple, single tier of service that’s blazingly fast yet 1/5th the cost of AWS S3, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.

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Put more money into production, not in storage. Wasabi is 80% cheaper with no fees for egress or API requests.

AVID Nexis Enhance Workflow Media Solutions


Streamline production workflows and enable remote collaboration with lightning-fast hot cloud storage.

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Protect your valuable content from ransomware or accidental deletions with Wasabi S3 Object Lock at no additional cost.

Trusted By Champions

Sports fans have never had more content to choose from, and that means more data their favorite teams have to produce. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is the premier destination for secure, fast, and low-cost sports video storage. It’s why the most celebrated names in sports choose Wasabi as their cloud storage partner.