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As K-12 students go back into the classroom, many post-secondary schools and universities are continuing to teach remotely.

Many students enrolled in media and entertainment focused curriculum are being encouraged to invest in their own technology to enable them to have as close an experience at home as they would be in the lab on campus.

This is an expensive ask for students, and in indeed parents and faculty.

I firmly believe that it is our duty to support students looking to enter our industry in as many ways as we can. These kids are the future of media and entertainment whether that be future animators, VFX artists, video and audio editors, producers, directors or the wealth of staff that support the creative process.

Luckily, I work for a company that agrees!

To try and ease the burden of the expenditure that comes with investing in technology to enable these students to have the best experience learning from home.

Annex Pro and Wacom have joined forces to bring Canadian students and faculty some significant savings on the cost of tablets and displays.

Educational Discount Available for Students and Alumni

We have developed the Wacom Educational Discount Program to allow schools and universities to offer to both students, staff and alumni access to top-of-the-line tablets and displays used by industry professionals at reduced prices. To further ease the cost, we are offering free shipping when you shop online at our webstore.

Wacom One Tablet Available with the Educational Discount Program from Annex Pro
We also offer personalized store development for schools who would like to offer students access to this program through their own single sign on infrastructure. In addition, we are offering schools who have multiple students purchasing through the program, a free of charge Lunch & Learn Zoom session with a Wacom Professional Artist who will demonstrate how you can get the most out of your tablet or display, using the software commonly used in the course criteria. 
This training will ensure that you and your students are utilizing the new device paired with the software of your choice to its full potential, all while following along in real-time with a pro.

And we will organize the lunch for you!

Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 Available with the Educational Discount Program from Annex Pro

Annex Pro is here to be an asset to your school. From initial questions before you order, to after-care support, and everything else in between: we are here to help. We want to make your experience great so that you can teach with ease and help your students create amazing content!

About Sarah Krahn


Sarah Krahn is an Inside Sales Representative at Annex Pro and also the Wacom Brand Manager.

Sep 1, 2020 | Academic Resources

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