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For a limited time*, the highest performance NVIDIA® RTX ™ professional graphic boards are available at special pricing, enabling you to get the performance you need and remain within budget!

NVIDIA RTX Professional GPUs are ideal foundations for Physically Based Rendering, VR, VFX, Scalable Visualization and Artificial Intelligence projects. Each Higher Education kit contains an ultra-high-performance NVIDIA RTX GPU, based on NVIDIA’s breakthrough Ampere-based architecture (RTX A6000), or the prior generation Turing™ architecture (RTX 8000, 6000, 5000, 4000), which introduced real-time ray tracing and AI enhanced visual computing and GPU acceleration of AI/DL/ML/MV and big data analytics into the visual computing mainstream. An auxiliary power cable is also included


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Extreme Performance

NVIDIA RTX products deliver better graphics, compute, and AI performance than prior generation NVIDIA professional products. Unprecedented CUDA Core counts with parallel integer and floating point pipelines, RT Cores for real-time ray tracing, advanced shading, and enhanced VR capabilities are all available. Advanced multi-precision Tensor Cores dramatically accelerate the latest AI, DL, MO, MV, or big data analytics applications like Graphistry or OmniSci.

Faster Data

NVIDIA RTX supports the latest GDDR6 memory with optional ECC (Error Correcting Code), that provides significantly higher bandwidth. With anywhere from 8 GB to 48 GB of GPU memory capacities are unprecedented as well. GPU memory is particularly important for RT Core accelerated real-time ray tracing which requires the model or scene to fit into GPU memory for maximum performance.

Advanced GPU Features

NVIDIA RTX delivers the most sophisticated graphics and compute capabilities ever offered. VR particularly benefits from Variable Rate Shading and Foveated Rendering, when used with an eye tracking VR HMD. Tensor Cores deliver end-to-end acceleration of complex an and big data analytics workflows, making NVIDIA RTX the best choice for data science teaching and research.

Rich Visual Workspace

NVIDIA RTX DisplayPort 1.4 can drive up to 4 directly attached 8K displays with full HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, enabling stunning visual quality and an ideal platform on which to build advanced simulation and CAVE environments, or to drive the latest VR HMDs. NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager optimizes the use of screen real estate across single or multiple high-resolution displays.

Nvidia Education RTX

*Special pricing on NVIDIA Quadro Higher Education Kits available until July 30, 2021. Contact us to see if you qualify for the Education Discount.

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