Switch to Annex Pro – I did, and I love it!

By Serena Harris, Sales Director, Annex Pro

August 1, 2020 marks my first six months at Annex Pro.  It’s been a whirlwind of a time for me having to learn a lot about all kinds of stuff that I never experienced before.

Managing a team of highly intelligent, enthusiastic, caring and uncompromising individuals has been my biggest challenge.  These people really just want to get the best job done for their customers and to do so, they run at a speed that I have never encountered before in my long career; yes I have already been called a veteran and I quite like it. 

My advice to them is always focus focus focus and NEVER assume anything. And theyre listening.  I really am blown away about how much they will do to help a customer and indeed, each other. 

Having to learn new (to me) technologies has been my second biggest challenge.  I came from the safe and encompassing world of Avid.  That’s not to say life at Avid was easy but representing the biggest brand in postproduction and promoting best of breed technology definitely had its upside.  That said, I now realise that I was living in a lovely purple bubble and there is a whole rainbow of colours for me to enjoy in the outside world. 

Autodesk, Wacom, EIZO, Lenovo, Teradici, EditShare, Dolby, Wasabi, YellowDog – all beautiful nonpurple colours!  And I still get to keep my purple tint in a very special way:  Annex Pro is the only Canadian reseller that has a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Avid. 

Did you know that a Lenovo workstation with the new AMD Threadripper PRO CPU can render faster than a workstation with high end GPU cards?  

Did you know that EIZO selfcalibrating monitors are covered by a 5-year warranty, and that the software that allows you to manage the calibration process remotely is included at no charge? 

Talking of warranty and support, Wacom have a tollfree number if you need help with anything!  Not that you’ll use it that often as their professional tablets and pen displays seem to last forever! 

Did you know that Autodesk gives away free licenses of Bifrost with every Maya seat?  And that their 2 for 1 offer (for a limited time) enables you to get a load more Arnold Renderer licenses? 

These are just a few things I have learnt over the last six months.  If I detailed everything, this blog would be pages long! 

Of course, my team have been working with these vendors for a long time and have gathered deep knowledge of the ins and outs of how all these technologies work on their own and how they connect to create a full solution.  Im lucky, I can just ask them. 

So can you! 

Even something as simple as assessing your license count and finding ways to streamline them is something that we can help you with. 

For example, Annex Pro offers a no-obligation “software health check” to make sure you are getting the best value from your licenses.  Some Autodesk customers have told us that our recommendations for optimizing has saved them up to 30% on their software spend!  Of course, we would love you to renew your licenses through Annex Pro and double of course we will make it quick and easy to make that switch. 

If you want to chat about any of your workflow challenges or hear the inside scoop of what its really like to switch from working for a vendor to working at a reseller, give me a call! 

About Serena Harris

Serena’s knowledge of media and entertainment workflows spans over two decades. She has an IT background with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from London University and started in the industry as a technical support engineer. Moving up through presales into sales management at Avid and then Marquis Broadcast, Serena has a wealth of knowledge about the challenges of media management and complexities of media workflows.

Although a Brit by birth, Serena is now a full-fledged Canadian living with her husband and dog in North Vancouver.

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Aug 6, 2020 | Annex Pro News

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