The YellowDog Index


The YellowDog Index is the definitive guide to the ever-changing cloud landscape. This free and independent visualisation of the market helps you navigate the complexity of cloud by organising the different instances provided by the main public cloud providers. Cost, performance, and the amount of renewable energy used are just some of the attributes you can view and filter with the Index.

With the YellowDog Index you can identify the best source of compute, every time.


Any business using the public cloud that is interested in saving costs, improving performance and lowering their environmental impact.


  • Quickly find the best source of compute from the tens of thousands of servers available from the major public cloud providers.
  • Control costs by identifying the lowest cost computing resources for your workloads.
  • Increase performance by locating the source of compute with the best performance, computing availability or lowest latency from the data-source.
  • Reduce environmental impact by identifying data centres with a high percentage of renewable energy.


  • Free access to visualise & identify the Best Source of Compute for your requirements.
  • Quickly search, view and drill down to determine the best instance for your workload.
  • Global access, across multiple regions and hundreds of data centres.
  • Major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI and Alibaba Cloud, included in the analysis.
  • Sophisticated filters for region, provider, and computing type.


To automatically find the right cloud computing instance every time, YellowDog Assura uses the information from the YellowDog Index to automate the selection, provision and use of the Best Source of Compute for your high performance computing workloads.

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Jul 28, 2020 | Cloud & IT

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