Versatile Media: The Future of Virtual Production with Real-Time Game Engines and ShotGrid

Versatile Media is leading the way as an end-to-end virtual production house, from pre-viz to production and post-production. As Versatile’s mission statement states “Make everything real-time”  

With LED screen volume studios and sophisticated motion capture systems, Versatile is building a full multi-studio system in Vancouver. The goal is to help producers and creative teams combine camera work and game engine technology to blend VFX and live action together without additional postproduction and rendering. 

For VP and Studio Head, Steven Read “You want to visualize what you’re doing immediately, the creative people have control over what they’re doing. If they want to see an adjustment or change then that change can happen in real-time.” 

The Challenge 

Behind the game engine tech, Versatile artists and designers work with Autodesk products like MotionBuilder for working with motion capture data and Maya as an all-around 3D animation package. All those assets need to be tracked and for Versatile the most important product for that is ShotGrid. 

“The big one for us is ShotGrid, it’s the way we record, review, and process all of our data.” says Virtual Production Supervisor, Chelsea Shannon 


To work with third-party software, Versatile and Annex Pro worked together to integrate the data into Autodesk ShotGrid. For Arturo Camacho, Head of IT, that builds confidence. “We just need to give Annex Pro a call, and they can arrange it for us. We have someone that we can pick up the phone and say we need help with this and that and it happens.” 

With two of the largest volume studios under construction in Vancouver, Versatile Media is poised to take on challenges from producers and directors looking to create and shoot complicated FX driven scenes in real-time. 


With a powerful tool set from Autodesk, and Annex Pro providing integration, licensing and support, Versatile Media is achieving their goal of: “Make everything real-time.” 

Would you like to increase your team’s productivity by automating tasks and eliminating repetition with Autodesk solutions? Connect with one of our ShotGrid specialists to explore the options. 

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