Discover Sohonet’s Award-Winning Tools Through Annex Pro

Explore the power of Sohonet’s Emmy-winning solutions, now available through Annex Pro.
Whether you’re collaborating remotely or managing secure file transfers, ClearView Flex and
FileRunner redefine efficiency and security in creative workflows.

Wacom-Cintiq-16-Pro Canada

ClearView Flex: Emmy-Winning Real-Time Remote Review

Experience unparalleled collaboration with ClearView Flex, offering:

● Secure, Low-latency Sessions: Ensure frame-accurate and color-accurate reviews with remote teams.
● Flexible Subscription Options: Available weekly, monthly, or longer for your convenience.
● Key Features: High-quality 2K streaming, multi-device support, stereo & surround sound, annotations, and studio-approved reliability.
● Support: 24/7 dedicated support to keep your projects on track.
● Available weekly, monthly, or longer

AVID Nexis Enhance Workflow Media Solutions

FileRunner: Secure File Transfer For Film & TV Creatives

Streamline your file transfers with FileRunner, featuring:

● Unlimited Usage & File Size: Share files of any size effortlessly.
● Browser-Based Convenience: No plug-ins or software required, simplifying your workflow.
● Studio-Grade Security: Fully encrypted transfers ensure your data’s safety.
● Automated Distribution: Efficiently manage file distribution without the need for IT involvement.
● Support: 24×7 expert support to assist you at every step.
● Available monthly, or longer.

Experience the future of collaborative creativity with Sohonet’s ClearView Flex and
FileRunner, now at your fingertips through Annex Pro. Enhance your workflow today.