Taking The Mystery out of Bifrost for Maya Webinar On-Demand

This Annex Pro-hosted live 1-hour webinar was designed especially for VES-Vancouver Section members featuring Scott Eade, a Technical Specialist with Autodesk’s Media and Entertainment division.
Taking the Mystery Out of Bifrost for Maya Webinar With Annex Pro and VES

About the webinar:

There is a growing buzz around Bifrost for Maya, and you might be wondering, what is it? Is it new? Aren’t there already tools out there that do the same thing?

Bifrost Extension is different from the Bifrost fluids simulator that has been in Maya for some years, it’s a new visual programming graph that expands the capabilities of what is possible for Maya users. It’s a completely separate downloadable plugin with separate beta program and development that can automate simple to complex processes without the need for coding. Its procedural framework can be repeated or duplicated based on specific rules, the procedural graphs are portable and can be shared very simply in large teams.

In this webinar, you will be presented with an overview of Bifrost and its procedural framework, showcase what is possible in the latest release, and learn where Bifrost can assist in speeding up the creative process overall.

Oct 15, 2020 | VFX & Animation

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