What’s New This Summer with AVID NEXIS?

Avid Media Management Solutions for Video Editing and Content Creation

Media-Workflow Optimized Storage for Real-time Production

  • Industry’s most comprehensive and reliable shared storage solution
  • Provides efficient, scalable storage tiering on premises and in the cloud
  • Optimized to accelerate media workflows with Avid & third-party creative and asset management tools
  • Securely stores media across a single pool of flash, online, nearline, and archive storage

So, What’s New with AVID NEXIS This Summer? 

  • Larger capacity
  • Cost-Efficient
  • More redundant

Larger Capacity Disk Drives

Avid NEXIS | Enterprise E2, E4, E5 engines are now available with 140TB Media Packs and Avid NEXIS |E5 NL is now available with 160TB Media Packs. These new larger capacity drives raise the total storage capacity per engine while decreasing the $ per TB to store, manage, and edit the ever-quantity of content your team will produce.

Increased Affordability

Along with the increased capacities for Avid NEXIS | Enterprise, existing 60TB, 100TB and 120TB Nearline Media Packs has been aligned to deliver a lower $ per TB for existing engines.

Free Cloudspaces with New Avid NEXIS Systems

Cloud is the ultimate integrated solution that’s easy to set up and can help reduce cost and risk. With Avid’s new update to the NEXIS system, engine purchases come with a 250 GB Cloudspaces subscription for one year at no extra charge.

More Redundant

Avid NEXIS | Enterprise online E2, E4, E5 are now available with All-Mirror configurations. Avid NEXIS All-Mirror Engines make the highest availability workflows more affordable. The All-Mirror Engines have a unique engine ID to force all Workspaces to be mirror-protected. This is the highest form of protection available in the industry. You and your team can work through multiple issues such as:

  • Multiple disk failures (any 5-disk failure)
  • Controller switch over
  • Complete engine loss
  • Network disruption
  • Slow Disk(s)
What's New With AVID NEXIS
With these new updates you can cater to the needs of any size team, project, and workflow, lowering operational costs and complexity. It’s no wonder why AVID NEXIS is the industry’s most reliable and trusted media management solution.

Aug 31, 2020 | Cloud & IT, VFX & Animation

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