Build A Custom Lenovo Workstation with Annex Pro

Build Your Own Lenovo Workstation with Annex Pro

When was the last time your current workstation actually listened & understood your specific needs? Not in a creepy “5G is tracking our every move” kind of way. But a workstation built by content creators who have worked in the media and entertainment industry and understand creative workflow requirements. For years there was a massive divide between what was needed by digital artists to produce quality content, and the tools available to complete the work. That was until Lenovo came on the scene. You can read all about how their recent endeavor is a media and entertainment game changer in an article written by Chris Sutcliffe, our VFX & Animation Senior Account Manager (and ex Workstation Specialist at Lenovo).

Now more than ever Lenovo understand the importance of keeping us all connected through fearless innovation. They continue to develop revolutionary and intelligent technology designed to keep schools, businesses and studios running. Annex Pro want to echo Lenovo’s initiative by making these smart solutions available to everyone. We want to help you design your own custom Lenovo desktop to make your next project a success. When you’re ready, tell us about your workstation expectations and we’ll send you a free quote.

Customize Lenovo Thinkstation or Thinkpad Canada

How Annex Pro Can Help You Customize and Design the Perfect Workstation

1. We understand what you need

Customers are often surprised when they learn that many of Lenovo’s product and sales team in Canada have a background in game dev, post-production, VFX and animation. This is unique to Lenovo, and something the other 2 “top tier” computer companies just don’t have. It makes them an ideal partner for Annex Pro who, unlike generic IT resellers, understand your creative workflow.

Our staff are industry experts with a razor focus on finding new solutions to make our customer’s lives easier. We custom design, deploy and support Lenovo workstations optimized for immersive media content creation.

2. We offer versatile payment options

Need a tailor-made system to produce extremely high-res imagery with fast video rendering? Worried about the price tag? Custom Lenovo ThinkStations and ThinkPads cost less than you think through Annex Pro’s volume purchasing programs and innovative pay-as-you-go plans. Contact us to find out how you can get an affordable solution designed for your own creative requirements.

Don’t let a lack of funding get in the way of quality hardware. We’ve worked with the same leasing partners across Canada for 25+ years, offering terms of 12 – 60 months with a variety of buy-outs. We accept purchase orders from all accredited schools and established studios, while also offering educational discounts. You can check out some more of our flexible payment options here.

3. No commitments

We understand that impermanent opportunities pop up all the time. Strike while the iron is hot without having to worry about what to do with the equipment after the project has been delivered. Lenovo workstations are available for short term projects with no commitment to buy under the unique DaaS (Device as a Service) program. Contact us for details.


Build A Custom Lenovo Workstation and Get A Free Quote

Annex Pro sells and supports Lenovo from coast to coast across Canada in both French and English. We’re not only a Lenovo Authorized Reseller but we’re also Canada’s top Lenovo Specialists. Lenovo together with Annex Pro have the experience and expertise to create and sell optimized workstations that outperforms the competition at a price you’ll love. If you’re ready to produce top quality content on top quality machines fill contact us and we’ll send you a free quote.

Feb 17, 2021 | Cloud & IT, Lenovo

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