Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Creative Work with Teradici Technology

Teradici Wacom Support

The future of remote working and cloud access has arrived. The global pandemic waltzed into our lives a year ago and forced studios across the world to evaluate their remote workflow solutions. A combination of two creative workflow heavyweights which supported artists in adapting to “the new norm” are Wacom and Teradici.

Teradici users can replicate in-studio experiences for their creative teams giving them the freedom to work from anywhere. Its Cloud Access Software and PCoIP technology are built to create a high performing user experience for content creators who need to use graphic-intensive applications from home. Teradici and Wacom are working as a tight knit team to configure tablets for local termination allowing graphic artists to minimize interactive lag on their displays. However, getting a team of artists set up for remote workflows is not as simple as buying a few tablets and installing Teradici to power them. We’ve spoken to multiple customers who keep coming across the same three problems but luckily, technical experts at Annex Pro are here to support.
Teradici Wacom Support

Top 3 Problems of Using Peripherals with Teradici Technology, Solved via Support from Annex Pro

1. Navigating A Virtual Workspace with Older Wacom Models

Out with the old and in with the new isn’t as straightforward as some may think. A lot of great digital artists still use Wacom tablets that have now been discontinued. These tablets have a great life span meaning you don’t need to upgrade just because it’s not available on the shelf anymore. In fact, Wacom are the leading drawing tablet brand for content creators due to their compact interactive displays and incredible pen pressure sensitivity. The mechanics behind Wacom tablet’s pen pressure sensitivity allows artists to draw and write as naturally as if it were pen to paper. However, it’s important to note that 1st generation Wacoms aren’t equipped to deal with the technology that has since surpassed its capabilities. So how do you get your tablet up to speed?

A customer of ours encountered this exact issue when attempting to connect multiple Cintiq 21UX models to Teradici’s PCoIP technology. The Cintiq 21UX along with other older Wacom models aren’t technically supported by Teradici. However, Annex Pro’s technical support team were able to resolve this issue by bridging the tablet rather than locally terminating it and using the Wacom driver loaded on the host machine.

The negative aspect to the bridge mode solution is that it creates minor lag for the artists. Although in this case, our customer deemed the latency acceptable as the only other option was purchasing new digital drawing tablets for their entire creative team.

2. Remoting to Headless Machines with Geforce Graphics Cards

Whether you’re involved in complex game development or creating intense visual effects, you want the graphic experience to be pristine. This is where graphic cards come in. These cards need to run quickly and flawlessly in order to replicate the results on your monitor. Unfortunately, not all graphic cards have the same components or drivers that interact well with Teradici’s PCoIP technology out of the box.

We’ve spoken to multiple customers who purchased consumer graphic cards, without consulting our technical team first, hoping to integrate it with Teradici’s virtual workstation experience. Once they think they’re set up and ready to go with a headless machine they realise they’re missing a component.

With a consumer grade graphics card, Teradici needs to “see” an attached display. Although we recommend using high performance graphic cards like Quadro, we understand that not everyone has the money or time to purchase another model. So rather than throw in a sales pitch, our team of technical experts found a simple solution. To use most Geforce cards connected to a Teradici enabled workstation you need to use a “dummy” HDMI or DisplayPort dongle. The dongle acts as a connected display and can conform to any resolution up to 4k with a programmable EDID.

3. Employees Changing Work Locations

Although most studios have adapted to working from home, there are many scenarios where artists need to switch to the studio from time to time. A valued customer of Annex Pro found that their artists were experiencing black screens on days they decided to work from their office location. As restrictions in some countries begin to lift, artists will eventually come across the same frustrating complication.

Although inelegant, Annex Pro were able to work closely with the studio’s IT team to uncover a workaround solution. Once an artist or employee from the studio indicates that they’re coming into the office, the IT team must connect to the workstation in questions via PCoIP and deploy a script bring alive the on-premises monitors. Not an ideal scenario, but for this customer and other studios who require such a loophole it’s the perfect hack.

Teradici Wacom Support

Problem Solved With Support from Annex Pro

As workflows begin to shift and creative studios learn to adapt it’s important to be prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead. While some solutions may seem simple, enabling devices for high-definition media editing isn’t as straight forward as you may think. There are countless ways this technology can be configured, and we want to help you do it right and do it quick. Whether you’re new to Teradici or want to learn more, our team of technical experts can help walk you through and weigh out different options for you and your team. We have the knowledge and expertise to get your team off the ground and into the cloud. Have a problem? Contact us today and our team will be in touch to support you.

Wacom and Teradici Bundle from Annex Pro

Looking to get started with a Wacom and Teradici solution? We offer an exclusive “In-Studio” experience bundle valued at $3,667.90. Get a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24, an additional pen and a 2-year Teradici Cloud Access Plus subscription for $2,895! We’re also including 2-hour remote support with our team of experts to help you set up your remote workflow.

*Minimum order is 5 Bundles.

Mar 2, 2021 | Cloud & IT

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