Introducing HFGD: Hassle-free, Global Delivery of Media Content Creation Hardware by Annex Pro

Introducing HFGD: Hassle-free, Global Delivery of Media Content Creation Hardware by Annex Pro
As the media industry evolves, studios and storytellers are constantly challenged to achieve more with less time and tighter budgets. A trend over the past few years is for entertainment studios to broaden the pool of available creative talent to include artists working remotely – a trend that only accelerated with the arrival of COVID-19 in 2020.
The COVID-related challenge of social distancing seemed to get solved overnight, as artists were sent home with either workstations or thin clients and displays, with solutions like Teradici taking centre stage. This has worked well for Annex Pro customers located in major media production centres such as Montreal, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Toronto and New York City.
However, the challenge of deploying advanced and reliable hardware in farther flung locations of the world such as Eastern Europe, South East Asia and LATAM regions remain. You’ve likely heard a horror story or two about either buying hardware such as workstations, displays and networking from local suppliers in foreign countries, or else buying in North America and shipping it abroad, only to have the shipment “lost” temporarily while unforeseen costs appear seemingly from nowhere.
Covid 19 Hassle Free Delivery with Annex Pro
As Canada’s leading VAR to the media and entertainment industry, we’re seeing more of our customers “going global”, with artists creating media content from remote locations anywhere in the world, and as a result, we’re receiving more requests to deliver hardware to studios outside North America. Since we are always looking for ways to broaden our service offerings and ensuring that media content creation solutions reach our customers in the most seamless way possible, we have completed successful beta-testing on a unique solution and are making it available to all of our customers starting September 1, 2020.
That’s why we’re so excited to share that Annex Pro is now able to offer our exclusive Hassle-Free Global Delivery (HFGD) of media content creation solutions and hardware worldwide, without the risks and responsibilities routinely associated with global distribution. HFGD means that you can now receive many of the most popular hardware technologies used in media content creation, door-to-door, to over 200 global destinations, including some notoriously difficult regions such as Eastern Europe, Latin/South America and India. HFGD will enable your business to achieve global scale without accepting the risk of shipping hardware yourself, or the need to establish entities in other countries.
Shipping technology equipment globally is complex for even the most experienced logistics experts. This type of hardware is highly regulated, requiring extensive import permits and, in most countries, a local Importer of Record is required. Without specialist knowledge these valuable assets have been known to end up “stuck in customs” (or worse) causing unforeseen and costly delays.
Annex Pro introducing HFGD for Media Content Creation Hardware Shipping Solutions


Q: Will I still be responsible for filling out customs and shipping paperwork?
A: NO! Annex Pro HFGD does this for you, including initial pick up from your location (if necessary), performing all compliance and regulatory checks before the items are shipped. Your shipment is completely covered by compliance insurance coverage including all license & permit applications that are required by law.

Q: Will Annex Pro clear customs in my destination country?
A: YES!  As the customer, HFGD ensures you will never have to deal with customs when your equipment arrives in-country as we handle this for you. 

Q:  Will I need to pick up, or arrange local delivery in my destination country?
A:  NO! Door-to-door (final leg) deliveris included and guaranteed, so your precious equipment will never be stuck on a loading dock, in customs, or freight forwarders warehouse, including comprehensive, door-to-door liability insurance coverage for your equipment so there is no need to worry about damage to sensitive equipment while in transit. 

Q: This sounds expensive. What are the “gotchas”?
A:  There are no gotchas. Annex Pro HFGD has it all looked after, including instant, accurate, upfront quoting and lead times inclusive of the duties & taxes charged upon arrival of the goods in the destination country. You retain all your purchasing power by consolidating procurement with Annex Pro and maintain complete quality assurance over the entire process. 

Q:  What’s the risk?
A:  Annex Pro mitigates the risk. You will never have to worry about setting up a local entity in the destination country. This means a complete deferral of importing risk & responsibility as Annex Pro handles local clearance in customs on your behalfBy not having to set up a local entity, the risks associated with transfer pricing & permanent establishment are entirely mitigated as Annex Pro HFGD takes this on for you.  

Centralized procurement of hardware from Annex Pro in Canada as opposed to sourcing hardware in a foreign country guarantees numerous advantages as it ensures there is no loss of control in attempting to procure equipment in the destination country It ensures shorter lead times and allows for centralized configuration and commissioning of the equipment prior to deployment 

To recap, Annex Pro’s Hassle-Free Global Delivery is a complete door-to-door solution, including Importer of Record services on a global scale, allowing us to assist you from start to finish. HFGD pricing is “all in”, including the following services:

  • Preparing your shipping documents
  • Pre-approval of all parts to be shipped
  • Applying for all required licenses and permits
  • Arranging pickup on our global carrier account
  • Clearing items through customs at the required destination(s)
  • Making final-leg delivery
  • Providing all local support required to ensure successful, predictable clearance and delivery
  • Managing installation and implementation of media content creation solutions at the final destination (optional)
The process is simple and predictable, allowing you to plan ahead and empowers you to grow your business on a global scale. This new capability ensures completely streamlined international dealings resulting in a hassle-free, cost effective pathway to move your media content creation solutions around the world.

Aug 31, 2020 | Cloud & IT

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