New: Wacom & Teradici Bundle Enables “On Premise” Experience for Remote Creative Artists (Exclusively from Annex Pro!)

Wacom and Teradici Bundle
With the ongoing uncertainty as to when creative teams will be returning to the studio, if at all, many Annex Pro customers are re-evaluating their remote media content creation solutions from “we had to get it done quick technology” to “now let’s optimize” so that artists’ experience at home matches the performance they were used to “in studio”.

The challenge for creative users is that working remotely often brings frustration when having to deal with the slow response of the creative input tool. This is exacerbated when using a tablet and pen device, since the whole point of using these kinds of devices are that it should enable a natural response much like using a traditional pen.

Wacom and Teradici Bundle for Remote Workflow from Annex Pro

Working at home with standard consumer internet connectivity brings the issue of latency into the workflow which causes these inadequacies.

Thankfully, Teradici has been working closely with Wacom to address just that.

Using Teradici software only solutions, PCoIP (PC over IP – a remote display protocol) client devices, including Windows, Linux or PCoIP Zero Clients, can be configured for ‘local termination’ of Cintiq Pro or Intuos Pro– accelerating user interactivity for graphics artists, independent of the latency introduced by the network connection. Local termination minimizes interactive lag by immediately reflecting the stylus position on the artist’s display while coordinates are being communicated back and forth with the application back at base.

The creative user can be sure the tools on hand do not hamper creativity so that they can interact with their Wacom tablet in a remote environment as if using a deskside workstation thus giving them the freedom to work from anywhere.

“….. did you know that you can achieve over 8000 levels of pressure sensitivity with Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 or 32 models using your choice of Windows or Linux creative applications and Teradici Cloud Access software ….”

The studio can address artist productivity concerns surrounding use of remote workstations, increase the flexibility and footprint of the VFX, animation or video editorial pipelines and take advantage of ‘Local Termination’ to dramatically increase the availability of remote working.

Teradici offer Cloud Access Manager and Cloud Access Connector solutions to enable secure deployments for enterprises where security is the highest priority.

Annex Pro has brought the Wacom and Teradici solutions together to offer an unprecedented purchase option for anyone providing remote working solutions to their staff.

The “In Studio” Experience Bundle for Creatives Working Remotely bundle at $2895* (MSRP – $3,667.90 (with Pro Pen 2 option)) includes:

  • Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 with two years of warranty
  • Plus an additional pen (Pro Pen 2, Pro Pen Slim or Pro Pen 3D)
  • Teradici Cloud Access Plus two-year subscription
  • 2 hour telephone support from Annex Pro experts to help you set up your remote workflow

*Minimum order is 5 Bundles. 

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Aug 31, 2020 | Cloud & IT

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