Autodesk Shotgun: 4 Reasons Why it’s Not Just for VFX, Animation & Games

Using Autodesk Shotgun

While the global pandemic has wreaked havoc on many industries (eg. travel and hospitality), the Media and Entertainment industry has not slowed down for one second. If anything, the demand for new media content has increased dramatically, and a largely remote workforce has presented new challenges! While deadlines are even tighter, remote teams grow bigger and budgets haven’t kept pace, it’s vital that studios have the capability to manage their content efficiently.

Known for assisting on massive VFX pipelines including Game of Thrones and Avengers: Civil War, Shotgun from Autodesk is the industry’s leading creative project management software. Whether you’re a small studio or a large organization Shotgun is designed to give you clear visibility over your projects, know who’s working on what and receive accurate data on your workflow to help you plan your next project. While yes, it’s famous for being a saving grace to manage projects across the VFX community, it’s been creeping its way into other industry workflows proving that Shotgun is not just for VFX, animation and games anymore. Here’s why:

How Autodesk Shotgun Can Be Used for More Than Visual Effects When Content Creators Work With Annex Pro

1. It Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

Through the Shotgun dashboard you can see an entire project’s progress as it’s happening. Always know who’s working on what, and when tasks are scheduled to beginning and end. You can also create custom views for each team within your organization allowing them to interact or collaborate with other departments.

In addition to the obvious media and entertainment applications (VFX, animation, games, etc), Shotgun has proved to be an efficient tool within Automotive design. Automotive designers are looking to Shotgun with excitement around managing their studio from projects to the people working on them.

Using Autodesk Shotgun

2. Customize Pipelines so the Shoe Fits

There’s an “adapt or die” undertone that comes with talking about the latest technology required to cope nowadays. While many apps and software are all marketing and no results, Shotgun stands out.

Not only has Shotgun’s features evolved to meet industry needs but it’s also fully customizable to meet yours. Don’t fall behind while your competitors churn out projects, maximize your success by designing a pipeline that’s clear and organized to suit your style of workflow. Build custom tools and integrations with Pipeline Toolkit and Python API. There are also a full suite of tools and building blocks which are easy to set up and can be tweaked however you like. Whether you’re running a team of game developers, artists or graphic designers, having an organized pipeline that your team understands is key to creative project management success.

Using Autodesk Shotgun

3. Integrating and Accelerating Artist Workflows

Shotgun can be integrated with just about every creative software you’ll ever need. It’s completely compatible with Maya, Nuke, 3ds Max, Harmony, ZBrush, Houdini, Adobe Photoshop and many others. Your team can submit work for review, access real-time notes and task information, and quickly reply to notes without ever having to leave their creative applications. This is ideal for managing a team of artists who are more in tune to creating and designing than answering mundane status update emails.

4. Level Up Your Project Scope

You’re a small post-production house producing content for a demanding client who’s requesting visual effects that are just outside of your teams’ capabilities. Or you’re a marketing agency preparing a new campaign but don’t have the time to design new graphics for every customer. If you don’t have the scope to do it all in house, don’t worry. Shotgun offers you a secure way to collaborate with outside facilities while maintaining total control over the whole project. Capitalize on more business opportunities and keep up with client demands by expanding your resources and delivering consistently superior work than your competitors.


The bottom line, Autodesk Shotgun is the foundation to smoothly run studios across multiple industries from automotive to design to creative and marketing agencies. Most recently it’s been honoured on some of the biggest stages winning Technical Achievement Awards at the Emmys and Academy Awards for its contribution to motion pictures. Trusted by content creators worldwide, Shotgun empowers artists to be more creative while finishing their work on time and on budget. This makes it an essential tool for studio collaboration across the board and not limited to VFX pipelines.

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Mar 17, 2021 | Cloud & IT

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