The Pains Of Archiving to LTOs & How EditShare’s Cloud Solutions Can Modernize Your Studio

EditShare EFSv vs On Premise Storage
LTO (Linear Tape Open) is a high performing hardware device designed for maintaining maximum storage. Since 2000 various media industries, including newsrooms and post-production houses, have used LTOs as a way of backing up their media archives. These open-format tape storage devices come in 9 variations and have a reputation of being an essential item for production teams. However, as times are evolving and remote workflows normalizing, on-premise storage like LTOs may not be as practical as they once were. From lack of accessibility to affordability, these once essential forms of technology now run the risk of restricting modern day digital workflows.

To keep your studio fully flexible and functional, EditShare has launched two solutions to support a customer in their journey to the cloud. Beginning in 2020, EditShare released EFSv – a cloud solution consisting of FLOW, a media asset management (MAM) ideal for video workflow production, and EFS, a performance and cost-optimized cloud storage layer. Deployed alongside virtual NLE workstations, this offering provides the basis of a collaborative and flexible production environment that can meet the needs of any operation. More recently EditShare has introduced EFS Cloud Sync – a simple, easy to use, affordable way to simply backup and archive your on-premise assets into the cloud.

EditShare’s cloud-software offerings can provide production teams with the opportunity to choose the cloud migration path that’s best for them. Whether it’s simply transitioning archives to cloud storage for improved resiliency and accessibility, or a full ‘Edit in the Cloud’ solution to meet the needs of on-demand editing resources, EditShare offers choice on their journey to the cloud. Along this cloud journey, EditShare also offers a solution for remote proxy editing using cloud resources. A simple and cost-effective way to increase editorial flexibility while maintaining a tight control of costs.
In this article, we’re breaking down common pain points around using LTO Technology and how Editshare’s Cloud Solutions can help modernize your media storage.
EditShare EFSv Cloud vs On Premise Storage

Common Workflow Issues of Using On-premises LTO Technology and How Editshare’s Cloud Solutions Can Help Your Organization or Studio Modernize Media Storage

Accessibility for Remote Artists

This past year has taught us that remote workflows and hybrid work environments are here to stay. For those in post-production houses (video and/or audio) this means managing a team of editors who require immediate access to the studios archive from remote locations. Having a hardware device such as an LTO that must remain in the building is no longer an option. While there are portable LTO options, passing LTOs around from artist to artist increases the possibility of your data becoming lost or damaged. Not to mention issues with LTO version compatibility, as well as the inevitable hardware and software interoperability issues.

Moving your files from an on-site studio to the cloud for archive and accessibility creates a flexible and collaborative environment for your artists. Allow your team the freedom to share media and build workflows from anywhere in the world. In addition, the capability of public cloud vendors provides storage benefits such as high-availability and resiliency that exceed LTO technology.

Managing Backups

Backing up your storage systems using only on-premise technology, like LTOs, puts your data and assets at high risk. This form of backup leaves your storage vulnerable to damage from fire, water, theft, and general human mismanagement. Mishandling of this form of storage can leave your business without archive access for weeks (should it be possible to retrieve in the first place!)
Backing up to a cloud environment eliminates all threat of physical damage to your archives. What’s even better, Editshare’s Cloud Sync does it all for you in a fully automated process. You never have to worry about remembering to manually backup your media in this 100% hands off feature. It also allows you to schedule back ups for whatever time suits your business requirements.


Purchasing high quality tape drive options come with a heavy price. Regardless of your studio size, purchasing premium LTOs every time you reach full capacity or require the latest version is not a cost-conscious solution. Additionally buying cheaper versions of LTOs (usually older models) will often leave you with a short term, ineffective solution that can’t meet the capacity requirements needed for today’s market.
Managing and maintaining on-prem storage over an extended period of time outweighs the cost of implementing a strong cloud based system. Using Editshare’s Cloud Sync you never have to refresh your LTO tape library again and you can easily maximise your storage in minutes without disrupting your network. Scale your business from a single storage node to enterprise cluster and only pay for what you use!
Editshare EFSv vs On Premises Storage

Leverage the Benefits of EditShare EFSv

The time it takes to restore an LTO tape and transfer the files to a new on-premises system is time consuming and leaves a large gap in business continuity! However, taking the time to invest in an effective cloud environment eliminates all hassle associated with on-prem storage. Editshare’s EFSv provides disaster recovery, archive AND business continuity all in one! All files are securely backed up and accessible to your team creating a multi-collaboration environment for artists wherever and whenever they need it. Taking on a bigger project which requires more bandwidth? With EFSv you can easily add storage and virtual workstations without running out to acquire new capital and deal with IT and network disruption issues.

To learn more about how cloud environments like Editshare’s EFSv are transforming the way the media and entertainment industry is backing up, get in touch with Annex Pro. We’ve been helping studios across Canada simplify their journey to the cloud since we partnered with EditShare in 2004. Our EditShare Academy certified sales and technical team have the capabilities to design and deploy an enhanced workflow tailored to your exact requirements. Let’s talk.

Jul 22, 2021 | Cloud & IT

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