Get More with Avid MBOX: Free Pro Tools Studio License Offer!

From now until January 31st, 2024, any MBOX Studio activated during this time will receive a Pro Tools Studio Perpetual license, instead of a Subscription. New customers will see the Pro Tools Studio Perpetual product in the MyAvid account alongside MBOX Studio.

Bring professional recording power to your personal studio. Powered by Pro Tools Studio, the AVID MBOX Studio USB audio interface provides everything you need to make music and more. From finding inspiration and composing ideas to recording, monitoring, and mixing the next big hit, its intuitive design puts pure creative power at your fingertips, reducing your time to fun.

Plus, we have the Avid MBOX in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, ensuring you can quickly begin your journey to superior sound quality.

Avid MBOX Studio: Redefining Home Studio Recording

The Avid MBOX Studio stands out with its exceptional audio quality, offering a recording and mixing resolution of up to 24-bit, 192 kHz. Its high-quality components, including top-tier preamps and audio converters, position the Avid MBOX Studio as a leader in its class. The interface’s Variable Z feature enhances tonal versatility, allowing for creative sound shaping with built-in real-time EQ, delay, and reverb. These features ensure that the Avid MBOX Studio delivers professional-grade audio in the comfort of your home studio.

The Complete Creative Package

What sets the Avid MBOX Studio apart is its comprehensive suite of production tools. Bundled with Pro Tools Studio and the MBOX Ignition Pack, this interface offers an array of plugins, instruments, loops, and samples. This extensive collection ensures that users of the Avid MBOX Studio stay creatively engaged, whether they are working with virtual instruments or recording live sessions.

High-Level Production with Pro Tools Studio

For users of the Avid MBOX Studio, Pro Tools Studio transforms music production into a streamlined, integrated process. This software, renowned in the industry, allows for simultaneous handling of audio, MIDI, notation, and 4K video, making the Avid MBOX Studio a versatile tool for diverse musical projects.

Enhance Your Tracks with Over 130 Plugins

The Avid MBOX Studio provides access to an array of over 130 professional plugins. This expansive plugin library includes everything from classic analog emulations to innovative sound processors, empowering users of the Avid MBOX Studio to produce music at the highest level.

Flexible Monitoring and Workflow Expansion

The Avid MBOX Studio offers unparalleled monitoring options, including dual headphone outputs, multiple speaker set outputs, and Bluetooth connectivity. The interface’s built-in talkback mic and cue mixing capabilities replicate a commercial studio environment. Additionally, tools like Sibelius Artist and Melodyne 5 essential, included with the Avid MBOX Studio, streamline the music creation process.


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