Enhance Your Creative Workflow with New Modeling, Animation, and Rendering Capabilities in 3ds Max

3ds Max brings new capabilities and improvements to modeling, animation, and rendering tools so you can focus on being creative. The new Boolean modifier offers a modern and intuitive way to produce clean geometry while updates to Array enable you to create beautiful nature-like scenes procedurally. You can also confidently rely on Color Management to see colors consistently across the pipeline – from Viewport to the final render. 3ds Max continues to add animation improvements to help you bring characters to life. 

New Capabilities in 3ds Max

  •  Boolean Modifier: Produce clean geometry with a modern and intuitive Boolean modeling workflow in 3ds Max. The new Boolean modifier within the trusted modifier stack enables you to edit and manipulate mesh output with ease and speed. This includes a new Boolean operand called Split as well as Mesh and VDB-based Boolean operations. 
  • Array Modifier: Create beautiful and complex designs procedurally with new features and updates to the Array modifier. 
  • Retopology Tools 1.3: Use the latest version of Autodesk ReForm with the Retopology modifier in 3ds Max. 
  • Editable Poly & Edit Poly Modifier: Editable Poly and Edit Poly bring improvements to retriangulation of polygonal face data like Face splitting by insertion of edges, Slice, Cut, Bridging, Vertex extrusion, and Edge extrusion. 
  • Symmetry Modifier: When a new Symmetry modifier is applied, it will now operate on the X axis by default allowing you to better match the operate to how you create your art content.  
  • Editable Mesh and Edit Mesh Modifier: Improvements to AutoSmooth enable you to achieve better results when performing the operation on an Editable Mesh or Edit Mesh modified object.  
  • Spline Vertex Welding: Enhancements to weld operations of Spline objects enable you to generate complex assets with accuracy. Use the Spline vertex weld operation to bond a destination vertex to your target vertex with better precision and achieve predictable results when performing a Spline Extrude operation on Knot components and edge components.  
  • Faster STL ImportSTL, a file format commonly used for 3D printing, can contain millions of triangles of data. You can now load STL files faster with improved performance to the File Import. The STL Import dialog UI also brings enhancements for better efficiency.  
  • STL Check Modifier Processing: Significant performance improvements to the STL Check modifier allow you to perform operations on dense polygonal meshes and objects with greater speed. 
  • Material Modifier: Applying the Material modifier to a Spline object that is renderable via settings of the Spline or the Renderable Spline modifier will preserve it as a Spline object type. The Material Modifier will also now retain explicit normals when applied to a Mesh-based object. 

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Apr 11, 2023 | Autodesk, Customer News, General

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