Melodyne 5 Assistant

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Audio Tuning, Editing, Siblance, Chords

If you want to perform vocal editing at the highest level, refining and enhancing every aspect of musical expression, however subtle, Melodyne assistant has the very features you need.

In addition to Melodyne’s basic functions and all the possibilities of the smallest edition, essential, Melodyne assistant offers:

The entire Melodyne toolkit: With the full diversity of Melodyne’s tools at your disposal, you can apply the finest of touches to any and every note parameter: intonation, vibrato, pitch drift, timing, duration, amplitude, fades, sibilants, formants, transients – even the timing within notes as well as the transition between them – and much else besides. You can take a vocal track as close to perfection as you choose to.

Inspectors: In the inspectors, all the parameters are clearly laid out, and you can adjust them – without changing tools – to the precise values you want.

Audio-to-MIDI: Export the MIDI equivalent of your audio, so you can double your vocal lines with a synthesizer or your acoustic bass with an electronic sound. Audio-to-MIDI gives you the means to conduct exciting experiments and create radically new sounds.

In a nutshell: Melodyne assistant provides all you need for the professional editing of vocals. That’s where its main power is focused, but it can be used equally well, of course, to edit recordings of any monophonic sound source (trumpet, clarinet, etc.).


  • Audio-to-MIDI – export notes to a MIDI file
  • Inspectors – swift access to all parameters
  • All Melodyne’s tools – for pitch, formants, volume, timing, sibilants
  • Musically weighted pitch analysis – for psycho-acoustically optimal intonation correction
  • Chord Track and chord recognition – bring notes into line harmonically, extract chords from audio
  • All the algorithms without DNA – for melodic, percussive and complex material
  • Edit note assignments – full control over the algorithms
  • Melodyne’s Main Tool – edit the pitch, position and duration of notes and note separations
  • Macros for pitch, timing, leveling – correct and optimize notes by means of intelligent automation
  • Stand-alone or in your DAW – integrated via ARA , AU, VST 3 or AAX
  • Intercompatibility – open and edit projects created by other editions
  • Compatibility with Melodyne 4 – open and edit Melodyne 4 projects

Tech Specs


Memory4 GB


Memory4 GB