Melodyne 5 Editor

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Polyphonic Audio Editing and Tuning

Melodyne 5 editor employs the patented DNA algorithms that allow you to edit any instrument track or sample and reshape it musically in any way you like. You can change not only tempos, rhythms and melodies but also the harmonic structure of the music.

In addition to all the functions of the smaller editions, Melodyne editor offers you:

DNA Direct Note Access: Melodyne’s unique DNA algorithms give you access to individual notes within chords, so you can not only correct wrong notes in piano or guitar recordings but also adapt samples of all kinds to match the harmonies of your project, introduce any number of variations and even “recompose” samples altogether to create something new.

Edit chords: Thanks to DNA, you can correct and perfect the performance of individual notes within chords employing Melodyne’s entire arsenal of tools and macros – or even change the chord itself by adding, subtracting or changing the pitch of individual notes. Add fades, shift formants, improve timing, control vibrato … the possibilities are endless. You decide which notes sound and exactly how they sound – right down to the very last detail.

Samples play along with the song: Thanks to the Chord Grid and Melodyne’s ability to identify the chords, you can, with very little effort, make rigid loops come alive and adapt elegantly to the changing harmonies of the song.

Encyclopedic scale functions: Thanks to its astonishing flexibility in the handling of scales, temperaments and tunings, Melodyne is at home in all the world’s musical genres. It recognizes even the most exotic scales as well as letting you define your own.

Advanced tempo functions: You can edit tempos and tempo progressions with the same musical sensitivity as notes. Synchronize overdubs to tempo fluctuations in a live performance or, if you prefer, eliminate these altogether.

In a nutshell: Melodyne 5 Editor is also perfect for vocals. But even more remarkably, with this edition you can edit polyphonic instruments like the piano or the guitar and samples of all kinds. With Melodyne 5 Editor, you can take ordinary library samples and turn them into something unique, perfectly tailored to the rhythm, tempos and harmonies of your entire song.

Current version: 5


  • DNA Direct Note Access – algorithms for polyphonic instruments such as piano and guitar
  • Editing of individual notes within chords – with all the tools and macros
  • Extended tempo functions – map and edit sudden or gradual changes of tempo
  • Extended scale functions – create and modify scales; extract scales from audio material
  • Audio-to-MIDI – export notes to a MIDI file
  • Inspectors – swift access to all parameters
  • All Melodyne’s tools – for pitch, formants, volume, timing, sibilants
  • Musically weighted pitch analysis – for psycho-acoustically optimal intonation correction
  • Chord Track and chord recognition – bring notes into line harmonically, extract chords from audio
  • All the algorithms without DNA – for melodic, percussive and complex material
  • Edit note assignments – full control over the algorithms
  • Melodyne’s Main Tool – edit the pitch, position and duration of notes and note separations
  • Macros for pitch, timing, leveling – correct and optimize notes by means of intelligent automation
  • Stand-alone or in your DAW – integrated via ARA , AU, VST 3 or AAX
  • Intercompatibility – open and edit projects created by other editions
  • Compatibility with Melodyne 4 – open and edit Melodyne 4 projects

Tech Specs


OS X macOS 10.12 (64-bit) or higher.( Intel Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended))
Memory4 GB
CPUMelodyne 5.2 runs native on Apple Silicon Macs.


Windows Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11( Intel or AMD Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended))
Memory: 4 GB
Audio Card: ASIO-compatible audio hardware