Melodyne 5 Studio

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Superlative Multi-Track Tuning Editing

How you want to work with audio today


Melodyne studio is the largest edition, designed for professionals working with multiple tracks. Also, in the field of sound design Melodyne studio opens up new vistas with its unique function set.

In addition to all the functions of the smaller editions, Melodyne studio offers:

Multi-tracking: You can access all your DAW’s Melodyne tracks in a single window and display as many tracks as you like simultaneously in the Note Editor. So with backing vocals or choral works, for example, you have a clear view of the entire musical context and can edit related tracks together.

Multitrack Note Editing: In the Note Editor, you can make any selection of notes from the displayed tracks and edit them simultaneously. Transcending track boundaries. Using all the tools. Ideal for bringing backing vocals, for instance, into tighter alignment, changing their harmonic structure or improving their voice-leading – as effortlessly as if they were all on the same track.

Track-transcending macros: Intelligent macros let you enhance or perfect simultaneously the intonation, timing and dynamics of any selection of notes on any number of tracks.

Quantize to a reference track: With the Quantize Time macro, you can use the timing of one track as a reference for the quantization of others, turning a ragged ensemble into something tight and disciplined in next to no time.

The Sound Editor: Melodyne knows the overtone structure of every single note, and the access the Melodyne Sound Editor gives you to the timbre of your voices and instruments is just as far-reaching. Ranging from ingenious overtone macros to an exceptionally musical EQ, morphing and much else besides, the sound design possibilities are unique.

In a nutshell: The unparalleled efficiency of its multitrack workflow and comprehensive capabilities for the editing of vocals and all instruments make Melodyne studio the ultimate professional tool for state-of-the-art audio editing. Musical, intuitive, and awesomely efficient.

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  • Multi-tracking – view and manage multiple tracks in a single window
  • Multitrack Note Editing – edit the notes of multiple tracks simultaneously
  • Track-transcending macros – apply the macros to multiple tracks simultaneously
  • Quantize to reference track – make one track adopt the timing of another
  • Sound Editor – unique, overtone-based sound design
  • DNA Direct Note Access – algorithms for polyphonic instruments such as piano and guitar
  • Editing of individual notes within chords – with all the tools and macros
  • Extended tempo functions – map and edit sudden or gradual changes of tempo
  • Extended scale functions – create and modify scales; extract scales from audio material
  • Audio-to-MIDI – export notes to a MIDI file
  • Inspectors – swift access to all parameters
  • All Melodyne’s tools – for pitch, formants, volume, timing, sibilants
  • Musically weighted pitch analysis – for psycho-acoustically optimal intonation correction
  • Chord Track and chord recognition – bring notes into line harmonically, extract chords from audio
  • All the algorithms without DNA – for melodic, percussive and complex material
  • Edit note assignments – full control over the algorithms
  • Melodyne’s Main Tool – edit the pitch, position and duration of notes and note separations
  • Macros for pitch, timing, leveling – correct and optimize notes by means of intelligent automation
  • Stand-alone or in your DAW – integrated via ARA , AU, VST 3 or AAX
  • Intercompatibility – open and edit projects created by other editions
  • Compatibility with Melodyne 4 – open and edit Melodyne 4 projects

Tech Specs


OS X macOS 10.12 (64-bit) or higher.( Intel Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended))
Memory4 GB
CPUMelodyne 5.2 runs native on Apple Silicon Macs.


Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11( Intel or AMD Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended))
Memory4 GB
Audio CardASIO-compatible audio hardware