Avid Price Change: What You Need to Know

Avid Media Composer Price Change FAQ Canada

On August 9, Avid announced price changes to their software and software/hardware maintenance offerings will come into effect August 30. As the cost of doing business increases, Avid were required to increase pricing on specific products in order to fund the development of new media solutions for their customers. There are a lot of questions surrounding this new update, so we asked our Sales Director and previous Avid employee, Serena Harris to breakdown the implications that these changes may have on Avid users.

Everything You Need to Know About Price Changes from Avid

When will this price change come into effect?

The new pricing will take effect on August 30, 2021.

What products are affected? And by how much?

New Media Composer Perpetual and Perpetual Floating licenses are impacted. This price increase also effects Media Composer Perpetual and Perpetual Floating annual support renewals. See table below for more details.

New Perpetual Licenses

SKUDescriptionPrice Increase %
9938-30002-00Media Composer Perpetual License NEW33%
9935-65686-06Media Composer Perpetual License NEW (Dongle)25%
9938-30151-00Media Composer Perpetual Floating License NEW (5 Seat)25%
9938-30152-00Media Composer Perpetual Floating License NEW (20 Seat)25%
9938-30153-00Media Composer Perpetual Floating License NEW (50 Seat)25%

Upgrade & Support Plan Renewals (aka Maintenance)

SKUDescriptionPrice Increase %
Media Composer Perpetual 1-Year Updates + Standard Support Plan RENEWAL25%
Media Composer Perpetual 1-Year Updates + Elite Support Plan RENEWAL11%
Media Composer Perpetual Floating License 5 Seat 1-Year Updates + Standard Support Plan RENEWAL
90541-60142-13Media Composer Perpetual Floating License 20 Seat 1-Year Updates + Standard Support Plan RENEWAL
0541-60143-13Media Composer Perpetual Floating License 50 Seat 1-Year Updates + Standard Support Plan RENEWAL

Are annual Media Composer licenses and Academic licenses exempt from this change?

Subscription licensing and academic licenses are not affected at this time.

Will Avid still provide both perpetual and subscription offerings for Media Composer?

Yes, they are committed to continuing to provide both. Additionally, Avid will continue to offer upgrade and support renewal programs.

Should we expect any more price changes from Avid? Will the cost of Pro Tools rise too?

We have been informed of more price changes coming later in this year. It is unclear what products that will affect. We will let our customers know as soon as we have more information on this.

I received a quote for new licenses recently, how will this be affected? Should I rush to make payment before Aug 30th?

I would advise to get the purchase order into us as soon as possible. We will leave it to the last possible minute to process and only at that time will payment come due.

My subscription expires on/after Aug 30th , can I renew before then to avoid this new update?

Yes, and you can also sign up for multiple years to lock in the price. Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to discuss this.

Is there a limit on the amount of support/upgrade plans I can purchase?


What benefits should we expect to see from Avid at the cost of this change?

You will have the benefit of any new releases and any new functionality that they will include.
Avid Media Composer Price Change FAQ Canada

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Should you have further queries about how this price increase from Avid affects you and your business feel free to contact us. Our team of specialists are on standby to help you get the most value from your hardware and software.

About Serena Harris

Serena’s knowledge of media and entertainment workflows spans over two decades. She has an IT background with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from London University and started in the industry as a technical support engineer. Moving up through presales into sales management at Avid and then Marquis Broadcast, Serena has a wealth of knowledge about the challenges of media management and complexities of media workflows.

Although a Brit by birth, Serena is now a full-fledged Canadian living with her husband and dog in North Vancouver.

Aug 13, 2021 | VFX & Animation

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