ShotGrid Helps Distillery VFX Startup Remain Focused on Quality During the Pandemic

Distillery VFX is a young boutique visual effects studio that focuses on the growing need for environmental VFX. It creates visual worlds, set extensions and generalist compositing work for a broad range of episodic and feature projects.

Its founders, with extensive backgrounds in VFX, most notably with Industrial Light and Magic, wanted to set up a company based on a generalist approach rather than the pipeline method employed by larger companies.

The Challenge

It was in March 2020 when Distillery VFX opened its doors in Vancouver.

Many might have questioned the wisdom of starting up a business at the beginning of a global pandemic. But for Distillery it turned out to have enormous benefits. While many established operations were scrambling to transition their employees to work from home – they came out of the gate with just such a model.

But in order to work remotely they needed help to wrangle all their projects.


The biggest solution turned out to be Autodesk’s ShotGrid, which was not just a tool for client review and feedback but also a way to keep their remote team engaged.

For Valdone Koronczi, Head of Production, ShotGrid is an invaluable tool:

It absolutely helps me manage and organize. I have no idea how we would do it without it. We do it with the shot boards and we do thumbnails and things. But obviously all of our submissions go through ShotGrid and all of our notes and all of our statuses and client feedback. It just makes life so much easier.”

Distillery VFX was a customer of Annex Pro for hardware purchases when they learned that Annex Pro was also an Autodesk reseller. Troy Tyler, Distillery VFX Chief Technical Officer, found their services extended well beyond the initial hardware and software purchases:

“They would take over and actually combine all the licenses together and prorate everything so that we can just call up Annex Pro and say, ‘Hey, we need X number of new licenses and then they just take care of it for us. You can go to Annex Pro and say, I want to solve this problem and then they’ll work with you to figure out these are all the different components that you’re going to need. And they have people on their team that also help you design what the solution should be, which is nice.”

“Language is a big part of what you struggle with if you use different terminology, or you speak about different software packages. You want someone like Annex Pro, who knows what they all are and how they interconnect so that they can help point you in the right direction.”

Matthew Lane,
Compositing Supervisor.

Business Outcome

The core team at Distillery are technical and creative multipliers, delivering more than the sum of its parts, and they focus on delivering strong results under tight timelines.


The combination of Autodesk’s powerful set of tools and Annex Pro’s software and hardware support has allowed the dedicated team at Distillery VFX to tackle larger and more complicated jobs while maintaining their “boutique” approach to visual effects production.

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